Giraffe Couture

Monday, May 31, 2010

6/1 -.4 After Day 29 of VLCD

Yesterday's Weight:  209.0
Current Weight: 208.6
Difference from yesterday: -.4
Difference from Day 1 of VLCD: -22.8

Uff-da.  Rough day for eating.  Memorial Day at my parent's house.  First off I was +.2 this morning after a no cheat day.  Then my mother was affended that I wouldn't try her cucumber dip (which also had mayo and cream cheese in it).  So I had a dollop of it on a Ritz cracker.  Then is was time for lunch and I got out the organic chicken I had brought along to grill.  I took a whiff of it and it had gone bad.   Damn it.  So my sister offered me a Boca Burger which at the time I thought would be better than a regular burger, but when I got home my husband said it is all carbs.  I also had some salad with strawberries and picked out the walnuts and feta cheese.  There was a light dressing on it.  Oh, and I put a slice of avacado on my boca burger with no bun.  THEN, 2 hours later we were roasting marshmallows for smores.  It was those giant marshmallows, not just the regular big ones.  I roasted one for my daughter and made her a smore.  But the smore was HUGE with the big marshmallow in it, so I bit off about 1/2 of it so she could handle the smore (listen to me making excuses).  Then I roasted another and ate it myself.  Then my daughter wanted another smore so I had to eat another 1/2 off of her marshmallow.  When we went back inside I spied the 'Black Jack' taffy candies.  YUM.  I had 4.  Two hours later on the way home I stopped for something for supper for my daughter at McDonalds and bought a hamburger for myself.  Ate it all except the bun.  WHAT A CHEAT DAY!  ug
I'm doing an automatic apple day tomorrow.

After all of this I can't believe I lost!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

5/31 +.2 After Day 28 of VLCD

Yesterday's Weight:  208.8
Current Weight: 209.0
Difference from yesterday: +.2
Difference from Day 1 of VLCD: -22.4

Lunch:  Egg with mushroom
Dinner: chicken, tomato, stawberries

5/30 -.8 After Day 27 of VLCD

Current Weight: 208.8
Difference from yesterday:-0.6
Difference from Day 1 of VLCD: -22.6

Lunch:  Chicken, mushrooms
Dinner:  Bison chili (with tomato serving), 4 cheese flavored puffed corn

Friday, May 28, 2010

5/29 -1.4 After Day 26 of VLCD

Current Weight: 209.4
Difference from yesterday:-1.4
Difference from Day 1 of VLCD: -22.0

Lunch:  Bison chili, celery, apple
Dinner: Shrimp with bbq sauce

Thursday, May 27, 2010

5/28 -1 After Day 25 of VLCD

Current Weight: 210.8
Difference from yesterday: -1.0
Difference from Day 1 of VLCD: -20.6

I CAN'T believe it!  I weigh myself at night too, just to see what my morning weight may be, and last night I was at 215!  I was bummed when I went to bed, thinking, 'there is no way I'll go down more than a couple of pounds" (from past experience).  But look at that!  Down 4 from the night before.  I was very strict today,
no cheat at all so it's a big incentive to stay on protocol!

Lunch:  crab/white fish, lettuce, strawberries
Dinner:  bison chili

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

5/27 -.6 After Day 24 of VLCD

Current Weight: 211.8
Difference from yesterday: -0.6
Difference from Day 1 of VLCD: -19.6

Yesterday I pulled out a pair of jeans that I thought were my "big pants" (the ones that I'd been wearing before starting hcg, and are baggy but I tried the next size down and hadn't lost enough yet), pulled them on and went, wait: these are the one's I tried on about a week ago that were too tight.  oh wow, now they're good.  They are still size 18, but just a tighter fit I guess. 
Today I am wearing a shirt I bought about 5 months ago that was too small. Size 14
Now that helps to actually see a little bit of difference in clothes!

Lunch:  crab/white fish, tomatoes, 8 pretzel nuggets, 4 rounds of Mary's Gone Crackers
Dinner: Broccoli, dried starwberries

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

5/26 -.4 After Day 23 on VLCD

Current Weight: 212.4
Difference from yesterday: -0.4
Difference from Day 1 of VLCD: -19.0

DAMN!  -.4??  I guess I've heard that by the 3rd week the weight loss slows down, but I really thought I'd have a drop of 2 lbs. once TOM was over.  My husband is consistantly losing 1-2 lbs and I know that men lose faster, but a bit discouraging.

Lunch:  bison chili, breadstick, apple
Dinner:  eggs, mushrooms, strawberries

Monday, May 24, 2010

5/25 -.4 After Day 22 of VLCD

Current Weight: 212.8
Difference from yesterday: -0.4
Difference from Day 1 of VLCD:-18.7

NICE, it's been a week since I said I would go below 213.  FINALLY
Oh and TOM=the extended version....wth?

Lunch:  chicken, tomatoes, strawberries
Dinner:  Bison chili, apple

5/24 -1.6 After Day 21 of VLCD

Current Weight: 213.2
Difference from yesterday: -1.6
Difference from Day 1 of VLCD: -18.3

I went back and adjusted my total weight loss.  Today normally would've been -17.8, but was curious of the weight I started at (231.5) so I subtracted today's weight from that and got 18.3.

Last day of TOM?

Apple Day:  4 apples

Saturday, May 22, 2010

5/23 +1.0 After Day 20 of VLCD

Current Weight: 214.8
Difference from yesterday: +1.0
Difference from Day 1 of VLCD:-16.2

Lunch:  chicken, mushrooms, apple
Dinner:  Bison chili

Friday, May 21, 2010

5/22 -.8 After Day 19 of VLCD

Current Weight: 213.8
Difference from yesterday:-.8
Difference from Day 1 of VLCD:-17.2

Have unusual acne this TOM around.
I don't feel like drinking much water today.  and I'm tired so I took B12.  Hopefully these things will pass as TOM does.  I want some Coke Zero.

Lunch:  chicken, strawberries, tomatoes
Dinner: none 

Thursday, May 20, 2010

5/21 +1.0 After Day 18 of VLCD

Current Weight: 214.6
Difference from yesterday: +1.0
Difference from Day 1 of VLCD:-16.4
Got a shot of cortisone for my tennis elbow today. 
Radish make you burp.
I hate TOM 
Lunch:  chili with bison, radish, apple
Dinner:  steak, mushrooms, strawberries

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

5/20 -.6 After Day 17 of VLCD

Current Weight: 213.6 on the new scale and didn't have to adjust much
Difference from yesterday: -.6
Difference from Day 1 of VLCD:-18.0

WOW, I just realized I forgot to take my B12 and L-Gluamine.  And I feel great.  I think the 30 units is a good place for me.
The newest scale has arrived.  Like it a lot, however it is closer to our original scale's weight than it is the scale we bought last week and don't like.  Damn, looks like I won't make it past 213, I'll be going up to adjust for the scale difference.
Lunch:  chicken, tomatoes (2 serv-they were SO good), apple
Dinner: crab/white fish, strawberries

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

5/19 -.4 After Day 16 of VLCD

Current Weight: 214.2
Difference from yesterday: -.4
Difference from Day 1 of VLCD:-17.4

I decided to go down to 30 units of hcg starting today.  My husband will be happy to know that I have decided to do the 40 day rather than 23. 
Wow my lunch seemed very filling!  I usually save my fruit til the middle of the afternoon though, so we'll see how this goes.
Tomorrow I'm going below 213.  yep, that's right...I can feel it.

Lunch:  crab, tomatoes, strawberries
Dinner:  ground beef, lettuce, grapefruit

Monday, May 17, 2010

5/18 +.2 After Day 15 of VLCD

Current Weight: 214.6
Difference from yesterday: +.2
Difference from Day 1 of VLCD:-17.0

Ordered a new scale through amazon.  Should be here Thursday?

Lunch:  Chili with bison, orange, 10 peanut butter/pretzel nuggets
Dinner:shrimp, tsp of cocktail sauce, apple

5/17 -1.2 After Day 14 of VLCD

Current Weight: 214.4
Difference from yesterday: -1.2
Difference from Day 1 of VLCD:-17.2

Where, or where had my energy gone?  Oh wait, I never had much to begin with.  But WOW I thought I'd have a buttload by now.
SOOO, the new scale was funky today.  My husband decided to weigh himself 4 times and got 4 different weights.  I originally weighed in at 214.8, but when he told me about it, I weighed myself 4 more times and always got 214.4.  HOWEVER, when I weighed myself on the old scale, the difference between the two was now approx. 1.5 rather than only .5, so time to get a better new scale.
Lunch:  chicken, marinara, watermelon
Dinner:  Friday's Key West Shrimp (grilled shrimp with a side of broccoli)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

5/16 -1.4 After Day 13 of VLCD

Current Weight: 215.6
Difference from yesterday: -1.4
Difference from Day 1 of VLCD:-16.0

Bought a new scale today.  It seems to be different than our old one by 1/2 a pound.  You would think a new scale would calibrate better than the old but who knows.  Anyway it measures by .2 increments, so I'm looking forward to seeing how different I feel when I see a -.2 vs 0. I need to look up recipes for cauliflower.  Although we originally started P2 thinking we'd do a 23 day VLCD, my husband is now thinking he wants to go for the 40 day.  I'm not so sure because I've REALLY been looking forward to the things I can have on P3 in just 10 days!

Lunch:  Crab/white fish, lettuce, apple
Dinner:  ground beef, marinara, 3 pieces beef jerky

Friday, May 14, 2010

5/15 -.5 After Day 12 of VLCD

Current Weight: 217.0
Difference from yesterday: -.5
Difference from Day 1 of VLCD:-14.5
Ketones: medium (40)

Snack: celery
Lunch:  eggs, broccoli
Snack:  apple
Dinner: crab/white fish

Thursday, May 13, 2010


My goal is to lose 25 lbs during my 21 day round.  I have a feeling I may only make it to 20.

I am still using Body Butter, but I'm trying to use more and more of the approved coconut oil I bought at Whole Foods.  I use softlips (couldn't live without it) and my normal face regimen.  I use Walmart brand grape drink mix (like Crystal Light) in at least 1/2 of my water for the day.  I usually drink over 2 liters.
Once I started VLCD, I did quit using my VitaBath.  I miss it, but it wasn't a hard break.  I use the same soap, and hair products as I did before I started hcg.
So I guess in conclusion, the only products I've cut out are VitaBath and Body Butter.

For food, I've been following protocol except for mushrooms.  I don't like too many veggies, and even less on the allowed list, and the mushrooms don't seem to have effect on my weight loss.  It may be someting to cut out if I have a long stall.

I've also ordered some flavored tea that should be arriving soon

OTHER postitives:  By day 2-3 of P2, I've had NO headaches, and my husband has stopped ALL snoring.

5/14 -.5 After Day 11 of VLCD

Current Weight: 217.5
Difference from yesterday: -.5
Difference from Day 1 of VLCD: -14.0
Ketones: low (15)

I AM having an easier time today.  Not hungry and so, so thristy for plain water. 
2 co-workers complimented me on looking good in the color I'm wearing, but could it also be the weight I'm losing?

Snack:  celery
Lunch:  Ground beef, mushrooms, chicken broth, celery
Snack:  strawberries, melba
Dinner:  chicken, marinara

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

5/13 -2.0 After Day 10 of VLCD

Current Weight: 218.0
Difference from yesterday: -2.0
Difference from Day 1 of VLCD: -13.5
Ketones: trace

Apple day
This is day 2 of a change from 40 to 35 units and I am exhausted.  and hungry.  I hope there is some point where this will even out for me because I don't think I can continue if I keep feeling like this.

Celery, apple w/cinnamon & stevia, celery, apple, celery, apple w/cinnamon & stevia
filet mignon

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

5/12 +.5 After Day 9 of VLCD

Current Weight: +.5
Difference from yesterday: 220.0
Difference from Day 1 of VLCD: -11.5
Ketones:  Medium (40)

Morning:  whole jar of baby dills
Lunch:  egg whites, marinara, apple, melba
Dinner: shrimp, broccoli, strawberries, 2 spoonfuls of Kraft mac and cheese

Monday, May 10, 2010

5/11 (0) After Day 8 of VLCD

Current Weight: 219.5
Difference from yesterday: 0.0
Difference from Day 1 of VLCD: -12.0

I've not reached the point where I'm not hungry yet, so I've lowered my dosage to 35 units as of this morning.  Lat night I didn't eat until about 8p and didn't have much water afterwards.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

Lunch:  chicken, lettuce, orange, melba x2
Dinner:  chili with bison, 3 pickles

Sunday, May 9, 2010

5/10 -1.0 After Day 7 of VLCD

Current Weight: 219.5
Difference from yesterday: -1.0
Difference from Day 1 of VLCD: -12.0

SWEET, haven't seen the teens for a while.
Ugg, Happy Mother's Day.  Today my daughter and I were at the Race For the Cure.  We did the 1 mile walk.
I came home and took a 4 hour nap.  Bad day for eating, had a cheat and not enough water.

Lunch:  Cottage cheese, apple
Snack:  chunk of Toll House cookie dough
Dinner:  YUMMY chili

Saturday, May 8, 2010

5/9 -.5 After Day 6 of VLCD

Current Weight:220.5
Difference from yesterday: -.5
Difference from Day 1 of VLCD:11.0

Today is my 12 year wedding anniversary.  We went to a movie and I was able to avoid the buttered popcorn (and any food)....a major feat!

Lunch: chicken, lettuce, strawberries
Dinner:  beef, lettuce apple

Friday, May 7, 2010

5/8 -2.0 After Day 5 of VLCD

Current Weight: 221.0
Difference from yesterday:-2.0
Difference from Day 1 of VLCD: -10.5

I REALLY need to get some different recipes going instead of plain, plain, plain.

Lunch:  chicken, tomatoes, orange
Dinner:  beef/turkey, lettuce/mushrooms, apple with cinnamon and stevia

Thursday, May 6, 2010

5/7 -2.5 After Day 4 of VLCD

Current Weight: 223.0
Difference from yesterday: -2.5
Difference from Day 1 of VLCD: -8.5

Bought some L-Glutamine at GNC today.  I've read in blogs that it is suppose to help with cravings/sugar cravings.  The guy thought I was crazy.  But I took 500mg and didn't really notice it helping yet with cravings, however oddly, I'm pretty sure it helped ease the pain of my 'tennis elbow'.  CRAZY  It's almost 7p and I"ve forgotten to eat...better get something in my belly.

Not sure I like the way I'm labeling my posts....i'm confusing myself.  May change that...

Lunch:  chicken, tomatoes, strawberries, melba toast
Dinner:  ground beef, lettuce, grissini, apple w/stevia and cinnamon 

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

5/6 -.5 After Day 3 of VLCD

Current Weight: 225.5
Difference from yesterday: -.5
Difference from Day 1 of VLCD: -6.0

Considering yesterday was -3.5, I can't complain about today.

12:00p Snack: Apple, grissini
1:00p Lunch: Turkey, lettuce, salt, pepper, garlic
6:45 Dinner: beef, mushrooms, orange

5/5 -3.5 After Day 2 of VLCD

Current Weight: 226.0
Difference from yesterday: -3.5
Difference from Day 1 of VLCD: -5.5

Slept A LOT, wasn't hungry, no headache (woo-hoo)

1:15p Lunch: ground beef, mushrooms, salt, pepper, strawberries
6:30p Dinner: chicken, lemon, broccoli, salt, pepper, tomatoes, strawberries

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

5/4 -2.0 After Day 1 of VLCD

Current Weight:  229.5
Difference from yesterday:  -2.0
Difference from Day 1 of VLCD:  -2.0
2 words:  Tired, hungry

Did I say tired?
Lunch:  chicken w/lemon, apple, 1 grissini
Dinner:  turkey, tomatoes, apple

Monday, May 3, 2010

5/3 +3.0 After Day 2 of loading

Current weight: 231.5
Difference from yeterday: +3.0
Difference since beginning R1P2: +3.0

Sunday, May 2, 2010

5/2 No gain

228.5  after 1 day of loading.  No shocker, I'm still at the same weight as yesterday.  Trying to eat more today.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

5/1 Have your fill

I should probably state that we bought an injection kit from another source and received it in ONE day.  We are still waiting for an email (since 4/26) about any sort of update from the source of our original order dated 4/15.  So we started the injections today and when we FINALLY get the other order, we'll save it for our next round.

I have decided to MOSTLY  post the date or day that I'm on the protocol along with my weight and possibly a very brief description of that day.  I'm trying to follow so many blogs that it's hard to read it all.  So I am posting only the information that I'd like to see on other blogs.  (oh,oh I'm already getting long winded)

This photo shows what I am suppose to be doing for 2 days. Guess what I ate today? A handful of Reese's cereal (we ran out of milk) and then ran out the door for my daughter's musical. 4 hours later I ate 1/2 an order of Parmesan Chicken Alfredo because I couldn't finish the rest. WHAT? On a normal day I would have eaten much more, but when I'm trying to load up, I can't. It WAS a busy day. Now I'm trying to make myself eat double chocolate malted milk balls, and also had several squirts of whipped cream.  Tomorrow we plan to have dinner at Red Lobster so I can get my buttery crab legs in before I start my VLCDs, and I would really like to have a Cinnabon.