Giraffe Couture

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April 27 Disappointing hcg source

My husband actually researched the sellers/sources of both hcg injections and the homeopathic drops.  We both decided that we'd like to try the injections, and went with a distributor suggested by a friend who was currently ordering from the same distributor.  We even read about others that had ordered from this same person with rave reviews.  We are not raving.....well maybe raving mad.  We wanted to start this asap of course, and had our funds in his hands on 4/15.  Today is 4/27.   In my opinion he has over promised and under delivered.  Apologies have been extended, and while his delays are valid, I'm fairly certain we won't be ordering from him again.

So...we are uncertain when we will be starting.  We've been checking into the idea of a quick order for the drops, and using those until this distributor can get us our original order.  Nothing of the sort has been suggested by him, and we would not be buying the drops through him.  We continue to wait...

Monday, April 26, 2010

A Letter to My Fat Pants

Dear Fat Pants,
You have been a constant source of comfort for some time now.  You, with your wide legs and comfortable waistband;  me, with my ever expanding body.  We once fit so well together.  But I have finally built up the nerve to confront you.  I believe, (sniff) it is time that we part.  We are no longer good for each other.  I must admit to you that I've found another pair that is more flattering for me.  I bid you farewell, and good riddance.