Giraffe Couture

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2/8 -0.6 P2D9

Today's weight: 188.4
Yesterday's Weight: 189.0
Difference from Yesterday: -0.6
Total loss this round: -9.2

So...guess what arrived in the mail yesterday?   Back in November, I placed an order for a cookie club from my FAVORITE sugar cookie bakery.  Cheryls Cookies.  Enough said?  I got turned onto them when a co-worker brought in some cookies that her mother had sent for Halloween 3 years ago.  I've been ordering consistantly ever since.  In any case, this cookie club sends out a box of cookies 6 times during the year near holidays.  BAD TIMING they are very difficult to resist.  I put them in the freezer hoping to ignore/forget them.  My husband and daughter have not forgotten about them.  (sigh)
Last night I had 3! gasp!  Knowing that I cannot resist, I've made a deal with myself.  I've decided that I will allow myself ONE a day and near the beginning of my day so I'll have a better chance to work it off.  I'm crossing my fingers.


  1. Sooo glad I cannot eat those cookies or I would be tempted to order some Cheryls Cookies for myself. I don't blame you for not resisting. I know I couldn't. But, it sounds like you have a plan!

  2. WOW.. Cookies are not my friend! I can't resist them either! Especially if they are super good ones. How many do they send? Hope your hubby & daughter get cookie happy so it won't be so difficult for you!

    AND you had a loss!!

  3. 24 or 36 cookies...I didn't even look I just put my head down and said, Oh no" (smile)

  4. yeah well hubby is on VLCD9 here so blahhhhh to these dang cookies!

    down 7.8 this round so far. this is probably the first round Darby is ahead of me.

  5. WATER!!! And skip your fruit for the day... might help:)