Giraffe Couture

Friday, February 4, 2011

2/4 -1.2 P2D5

Today's weight: 189.0
Yesterday's Weight: 190.2
Difference from Yesterday: -1.2
Total loss this round: -8.4

Energy zap again today.  The good thing is that it does get better throughout the day, but I thought I was going to faint after walking up the stairs this morning. 

I forgot to mention that I started taking thyroid hormone replacement almost two weeks ago.  Crazy (and different) headaches for a while but I think I'm past it.  After I made the decision to start, we did another blood draw to have a fresh baseline, and the results were even worse than 3 months ago.  So I know I made the right decision.


  1. Sorry about the energy issues. But, wow! great losses so far. That has to help keep you going. :)

  2. Another great loss! Glad you're past the headaches.. Anything "extra" while doing HCG makes it so difficult!!